April 9, 2019

We got some exciting news from our teammate Kristan about a breakthrough with little Brayan! Here's her fb post:
After 3 weeks of Kristan and other missionary teachers pouring into him, we’re so thrilled that Brayan showed today that he’s understanding little by little how to communicate through sign language! So exciting! 
Kristan will be posting updates and photos like this one on Brayan’s progress, as well as updates on the whole family, on her ministry page on Facebook. She’s invited you all (any and all DEC members) to follow her updates of Vill’s family by liking her page. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/kristanhammondinperu
She posted the other day a video of Vill sharing a song in his native language with the church they are attending while they are in Pucallpa. Liking her page will give you guys a chance for much more regular updates. πŸ™‚ enjoy! And feel free to share Kristan’s page with the whole church. It’s a fun way to stay connected every couples days with Vill and the family! 
Thanks so much for enabling Vill and Brayan to be able to study! What a blessing! 
Catherine & Nemo

March 26, 2019

Hope you are all doing well! Vil, Elia and their kids have gotten settled in at the seminary IVIENA in Pucallpa the last two weeks. Our teammate (Kristan Hammond) who is dedicating a good bit of her time to accompany the family, especially little Brayan in his studies, is sending us regular updates. She’s been helping them get settled in and purchase the supplies that they need in the seminary housing (i.e. mattresses, basic kitchen supplies, and school supplies for Brayan and Vil). All of these supplies are being covered by the scholarship from DEC – a huge thank you again for your support of this family! It’s such a joy to see them thriving in their new context!
Vil started his seminary classes on the 18th, and little Brayan started school today. I don’t have any pictures yet from Vil’s classes, but since Kristan is accompanying Brayan in his studies, she’ll be sending us regular photos of Brayan and of the family whenever she can. πŸ™‚ I’m attaching the pics from Brayan’s first day at school! He’s doing so well as you can tell by his huge grin! He is so excited and even with everything being so different from what he’s used to, he’s loving it! You can tell by his mom’s expression just how happy his parents are with seeing him going to school for the first time. They have spent the last 5 years seeing him grow up without being able to communicate and thinking that he would never be able to communicate, much less attend school and learn like all the other kids. This is such a huge, life-changing day for them! 
Thank you thank you thank you for blessing and impacting this precious family! We are all so blessed to get to see how the Lord is using the DEC church family in such a direct and impactful way here! Please keep them in your prayers:
1) that Brayan will quickly get the hang of language (via sign language) and that different signs mean words. Remember he’s deaf and mute, so it will be a huge year for him as he learns a whole new language, which will be his first language. Remember his parents too- they will be learning sign language alongside him as well so they can communicate with him.
2) Pray for Vil as he is a week and a half into his first semester at seminary. Elia also started classes at the seminary on Friday. Pray that they will grow in their faith, thrive in their new context, and connect well with the believers and seminary professors around them. πŸ™‚ Hope you all enjoy the pictures! More updates to come! Grace,
Description of photos:
1. Brayan walking into school – Brayan is studying at a Christian school which is exclusively for special needs kidos. It’s called Refuge of Hope (Refugio de Esperanza). Note his new little backpack, which came from you guy’s support of his family!
2. Brayan’s school picture – he is so excited about his school uniform! Again, all of his school materials and costs were covered by you all at DEC through your support of his family, so a huge thank you! He loves his uniform and shoes!
3. Elia, Brayan, and little Gerzon – all smiles arriving to Brayan’s school for his first day!
4. Vil & Elia’s three kidos playing outside of their seminary housing- Brayan (5), then comes Marioli (3), and little Gerzon (1)
5. Brayan hand and hand with Kristan, our teammate, who will be accompanying Brayan in all of his classes. So thankful that he is adjusting to the new people and situation around him! Nothing has fazed him yet; he’s loving every minute. πŸ™‚
6. Elia, Brayan, and little Gerzon waiting outside the seminary for their transport from the seminary to Brayan’s school on his first day!


March 6, 2019

Vill & Elia are aboard their last boat heading to Pucallpa! They left early this morning. Here’s a few pics!
53302370_10219151777372115_1927765456282714112_n.jpgScreen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.25.55 AM.png



March 4, 2019

Vill and Elia and the kids made it safely to Iquitos early this morning! They will be heading to Pucallpa in the next boat in the next day or so. So far everything has gone well. But the baby, their littlest, Marioli, has a cough, so our teammates are taking them to the doctor before they leave to get some medicine for her.

We’ll keep you all updated when they arrive to Pucallpa. More updates to come! Grace,